About Pingman Tools

Pingman Tools is a bunch of misfits united for one purpose: to make network troubleshooting suck less. We are a software company in Boise, Idaho, and the developer of PingPlotter.

In 1998, the promise of high-speed internet was magical, but it didn't always deliver. An end-user might have a great experience sometimes, but often it was dreadful without a clear reason why. Enter PingPlotter.

Anchored by other projects like MultiPing (released in 2003) and NoPileups (acquired by DRB in 2018), PingPlotter grew from a side hustle to a full-fledged business in 1998. PingPlotter gathers objective data about a network; proves the source of any problems; and gives you a good idea where those issues started. In 2020, we released PingPlotter Cloud so remote worker connections could be tested directly from end-user devices.

For over 24 years, we've worked with some big players like NASA, ESPN and Apple, but one of our core company values has always been "look out for the little guy" because we are the little guy.

We make network troubleshooting suck less.