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#3771 - 09/30/20 11:41 PM Packet loss causing interruption while gaming
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I've had issues with packet loss since November 2019 when I moved into my new house and transferred my existing internet service (20mb/1mb Dsl). The loss seems minimal but it has created alot of issues while gaming. The ISP has replaced the modem, and I have replaced all of my cat6 cables and my router but I am still experiencing the issues. Technicians have been out half a dozen times and each their tests show no issues.
I contacted the FCC and BBB, but the isp just dismissed the complaints.
Does anyone have any idea or maybe just advice on interpreting the data so that I know where to look?

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#3774 - 10/02/20 12:33 PM Re: Packet loss causing interruption while gaming [Re: Orbital]
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Hey Orbital,

Thanks for writing into the forum!

It sounds like you've tried a lot of different approaches and have not had much success. I can imagine feeling pretty frustrated if I were in your situation. I'll do my best to help you out and see if we can get to the root of the issue.

The approach that we recommend is to gather some data, interpret the data, and then formulate a plan based on the analysis.

From the image you attached it looks like you have already gathered some good data using PingPlotter. From the 10 minutes of data that it shows I see that there is low level packet loss that starts at hop #2 ( which (after a quick WHOIS lookup) looks like it's your ISP (Gilmer Etex Communications Llc). While your graph only shows low levels of packet loss (0.7%) it also only shows 10 minutes so if you zoom the time scale out I'm guess you'll see more. Any consistent packet loss like this, even at low levels, could cause issues with games and live streaming.

I would recommend checking out this article about building a compelling case to take to your ISP.

I would suggest gathering some more data (maybe you already have) that documents these times of packet loss and how often you see them. I'd try to correlate when you're experiencing the issues with your games to what you're seeing on your PingPlotter graphs. Write up the issue and present the data that you're seeing (consistent packet loss over time starting at

Someone in your ISP's technical support department knows what packet loss is and may even know about PingPlotter but it may take a while to get to that person. It likely won't be the first person that you talk to and keep in mind those people are just doing their jobs but they may not be able to help you much, so be gracious but insistent.

You just have to be polite and tell them that you want to talk with someone who can help you and just not take No for an answer. Explain your situation and have you data ready to send to them (having a .pp2 or a share page URL is great too). It may take hours but keep your cool and be the squeaky wheel that won't go away and keep asking them to please have someone go check on

Good luck and let me know how it goes!




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