Extension Goal:

Using the default File -> Load Sample Set... dialog in PingPlotter Pro, you can select multiple files to load, but PingPlotter Pro assumes that you are loading multiple samples to the same target and you want them "stitched" together. This is useful if you auto-save data and keep only a limited number of samples in memory at a time (if you're doing long-term monitoring, for example), but doesn't help if you want to load a bunch of sample sets to different targets into multiple tabs.

This extension adds a new option in the File menu for "Load Multiple Sample Sets...", which allows you to multi-select targets and load each one in its own tab.

Required PingPlotter Pro version

This extension requires PingPlotter Pro 3.00.2p or later.

Installation Instructions
  • Download the attachment from this post (link near the title). The file will be named "Load Multiple Data Sets.ppx".
  • Save it in your "c:\Program Files\Pingplotter Pro\scripts" directory (or the appropriate path if you've not installed to that location).
  • Close and restart PingPlotter Pro.
  • Check the File menu and make sure it has this new option.
That's it!

Wrap up

If you find any issues are problems, please post a message here or send an email to support@pingplotter.com.

Load Multiple Data Sets.ppx (850 downloads)