I've been using pingplotter lately to solve my bandwidth issues. The thing is, whenever I stream, my bandwidth gets unstable ranging from mid 1k to 0. To fix it, I got a new router and it seemed to have fixed it. Only for the issue to return a day after. So I use pingplotter to see if I can find what's causing it. I tested on a few sites I regularly visit as well as googles dns and the servers I stream to. Throughout my tests, I noticed that I'm getting a lot of packet loss on my router in hop 1 despite it being brand new and streaming just fine the day before as well as ms increasing after hop 4. In addition, I can surf the web and watch other videos and streams no problem. It's just streaming to either twitch or youtube thats been having issues. Can anyone help me out with deciphering these tests and what all this possibly means?

3LFDFmNkzV2.png (37 downloads)
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