My name is Patryk. I'm from Poland. I have my internet from local isp. I have been struggling for my internet issues over 1 year. The problem is basically the same, when I'm playing csgo I have ping spikes It's make my game laggy and unplayable. I asked my isp many times they say always the same that everything is good signal is good they never see problems. I asked ppl on Polish forums they told me to use VPN to solve the problem. It didn't work. Finally I came here I hope I can get help here laugh. I'm using fiber 200/20 internet. I'm sharing It with my brother We both play games. Most of the time the problem appear but sometimes. It's working properly. As I learned about pingplotter the problem starts between isp modem and isp. What can I do about It? Next interesting thing is that my friend from other location is having also the same internet with the same speed but without any problem with constant ping. We tested that he has almost the same path only 2nd hop is called mine is also He has other isp modem. I have few ideas 2 hop just suck, my modem sucks. The sad thing is this is the best possible isp. Is it any way to fix it? Iím using the internet through internet cable. My isp modem is called dasan H660RM. I'm having private ip address maybe this is the problem. I appreciate for help.

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