The primary support method for our products is online; either via self-help from our documentation, or by emailing us with questions.

Licensed users get first priority on any questions asked, as well as any feature requests submitted (although, trial users will also get the best support we can provide for them). We’re also happy to give advice on any results you want to send our way (be sure to send a .pp2!).

Contact Support

We love hearing from you at

Helpful information to include in your email:

  • Operating system version
  • Version of PingPlotter/Multiping
  • Info on any firewalls, virus software, or special configurations you may have
  • Any relevant screenshots, or files (or .pp2 files if you’re using PingPlotter)
  • A brief description of your issue/situation

For more advice on the best email practices, please see our article on Emailing Support.

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Email us at if you need any help!