Troubleshooting iRacing latency/quality problems.


I often have network problems in iRacing. The lag indicator will show high latency, or the quality indicator shows problems. How do I find the source of the problem?


Of course, you were 1/2 lap ahead 45 minutes into a race when this happened and lost connection! AAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHH!

PingPlotter does great on finding this type of problem. Most of the time, these days (2011), the problem is with your own network or your ISP - not with iRacing or the internet 'cloud'.

With PingPlotter, you can isolate the problem. Is it your wireless network? Is it a bad cable modem connection? Bad hub/router? ISP problem?

Here are the steps to follow to isolate the problem:

Once you find the problem, you can take the proper steps to solve it. Here are some examples:


Here are some additional good resources about troubleshooting:

If you have any additional resources we should include here, or additional tips, please let us know!

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