Error "Parameters not configured for email alerts".


When going to the alerts editor (Edit -> Alerts), I'm getting an error 'Email parameters not configured for email alerts. Go to Edit -> Options... E-Mail to correct.' What's up?


Primary solution

Email alerts don't work when there is no SMTP server and return email address configured. If you configure an alert that sends an email, you also need to set up the SMTP server and return email address to use. To configure this, go to the Edit -> Options... menu, then select the 'Email Settings' section. There, make sure you have an SMTP server and return address specified. The return address is the email address used as the 'From:' address when PingPlotter is sending an email.

Alternate solution

If you don't want to configure an SMTP server and return email address, but are getting this error every time you launch the software or go in to the Edit -> Alerts... section, then you probably have an alert configured to use email settings. If you reconfigure that alert (delete it, or delete the email event), then this error will stop coming up.

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Created On: December 15, 2007
Last Updated On: September 30, 2014

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