No route showing when using OneCare Live


I recently started using Windows OneCare Live. PingPlotter doesn't show any information about the route. What's wrong?


Note: This information is written about the Windows OneCare Live Beta. It's possible things may change before the final release.

Windows OneCare Live is a software firewall that runs on your computer, blocking intrusion attempts, in addition to blocking programs on your computer from accessing things you don't want them to.

The default settings for OneCare block returning ICMP echo requests that are necessary to get information about the intermediate hops. If you're experiencing this problem, you might see results like this:

In the case of OneCare Live, this is because the firewall is blocking returning ICMP TTL expired packets. To fix the problem, we just need to enable this option.

We have more information about this problem in another one of our knowledgebase entries.

Follow these instructions to fix the problem.

That should do it! Now you should be able to see the intermediate hops. Here's an example how it looks on one of our test machines after making the change (the same machine the first picture came from):

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