Command Line parameters in MultiPing


Does MultiPing have any options to start pinging targets from the command line?


MultiPing does have a few options that can be used on the command line:

Loading a workspace.

You can load a workspace file from the command line by specifying that on the command line. Note that it must have a .mws extension to be recognized by a MultiPing workspace.

multiping.exe myworkspace.mws

Pinging targets at startup.

To ping targets, pass those targets on the command, one or more:

Start Pinging on startup

Use the /START command line parameter to start pinging on load. Example: /start

Use a different configuration file

You might want to load a different combination of settings for one or more instance of MultiPing. To override this settings, user the /INIFILE: parameter. Example: /INIFILE:MyNewFile.ini

Note: The default MultiPing install will allow you to automatically load a workspace file and start pinging without having to use any command line parameters. Just turn on the option 'Auto Save/Load Default Workspace' in the 'Edit' menu. Also, turn on 'Auto-Start Pinging when a new target is added' in the Edit->Options, Display dialog.

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Created On: January 10, 2006
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