How do I set up PingPlotter to use TCP packets?


The target I'm tracing to doesn't respond in PingPlotter, but it works just fine in my browser. Is there any way to access it?


By default, PingPlotter uses ICMP echo requests - which are sometimes blocked by target servers. If your web browser works to a target site, but PingPlotter does not, it might be time to try the TCP packet type.

Note that ping and trace route with TCP is not possible with many tools, and because of this it is not always well supported by routers. An example of this is the Actiontec DSL modem provided by Qwest - it doesn't work well at all with TCP packets in PingPlotter. If you have similar problems, you might need to pick a target site that accepts ICMP echo request and use ICMP instead of TCP.

To set up TCP ping packets with PingPlotter, you may need to install a 'helper' driver called 'WinPCap'. Windows XP Service Pack 2 and all newer versions of Windows require the use of this driver. See our web site for more details on this.

Steps for configuring for TCP in PingPlotter 2.60 or higher:

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