Saving data with MultiPing


Is there any way to save the data collected in MultiPing?


MultiPing, by itself, doesn't have any option of saving data - either automatically or manually. Well ... that's not quite true. You can log data to a text file, but you cannot reload that into MultiPing when you restart it.

PingPlotter does have this capability, and you can manually send data from MultiPing to PingPlotter, and then save the data in PingPlotter.

To use the MultiPing->PingPlotter integration, have both tools installed (MultiPing 1.01 or higher, PingPlotter 2.50 or higher). Then, in MultiPing, right-click on the hop you want to send to PingPlotter and select 'Send data to PingPlotter'. This will launch PingPlotter if necssary, and load the data from MultiPing. PingPlotter can then be used to save and then later reload this data.

For more details about this integration, see our MaP Bundle Page.

In addition, PingPlotter Pro has some of the capabilities of MultiPing, and does allow you to save and reload data that is being collected from one or more targets (one of the features of Pro is the ability to trace to multiple targets).

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Created On: April 17, 2004
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