PingPlotter’s font is too small to read on a high definition display


I just installed PingPlotter, but all of the text shows up as tiny on my HD display. Other programs seem to show up just fine. What can I do to make things readable?


Note: This article only applies to PingPlotter version 3.4 releases.  The current version 4 releases should work without this modification!

Here's how to work around this problem: 

From the "Start" menu - access your PingPlotter Pro program group ("Start" -> "All Programs" -> "PingPlotter"), and then right click on the PingPlotter shortcut and select "Properties."

On the properties window that comes up - select the "Compatibility" tab, under the "Settings" section - select the option to "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings":

Once you've done this, close and restart PingPlotter. Upon relaunch, the text in the program *should* be at a more readable level.

There are a few caveats when going this route: some portions of the program may not scale correctly (icons, etc), and column sizes will need to be re-adjusted after relaunching the program.

If you should run into any issues with this workaround, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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Created On: March 9, 2015
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