saving workspace in user document tree

Posted by: Ric

saving workspace in user document tree - 06/29/07 11:18 AM

Maybe its a side effect of being a long time Unix user, but I think saving settings and data in c:\program files is a bad idea. Setting information should be saved in the user's document tree. Not only does this allow different users to keep their own setups on shared computers, but this might also fix the multiping error I ran into today, where the first execution put workspace data in c:\program files\multiping, but subsequent invocations cannot update that and throw an error when multiping is closed.
Posted by: Pete Ness

Re: saving workspace in user document tree - 06/29/07 06:10 PM

Hi, Ric.

I totally agree.

The next release of MultiPing will use the user's profile if the Program files directory is read-only. PingPlotter currently works that way already. It loads the configuration from the program files directory first, then if it exists in the user's profile, it also loads the settings from there. Then, on close (if Program Files was read-only, or if a settings file exists in the user's profile directory), it saves all changes to the user profile.

- Pete