Exit Warning

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Exit Warning - 05/24/05 01:30 PM

It would be nice if MultiPing verified that I really wanted to exit the program. I had a MultiPing session running (had been running for 2+ days), and after looking at it, I clicked on the X. Poof! All that history gone. :-(

I emailed this suggestion awhile back - didn't know about this forum.
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Re: Exit Warning - 06/06/05 05:48 PM

PLEASE! ^^ this would be a good thing...
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Re: Exit Warning - 01/03/06 06:34 PM

Quite agree that a failsafe to prevent loss of continuous data is vital.

Best way would be to have the X method of closing the window perform a "Minimise to Tray" action, set from a tick box off the Edit/Options menu (might require a "General" tab ?).
Currently, although not as good a method because you lose Multipings own display of the data, you can save every single ping response to a single or several datafiles (one per target if required) and you can then recall that data into another program of your choice. [Multiping does not seem to allow Import of any data even its own captured data.] I learned this tip after emailing Nessoft and was pointed to the Multiping FAQ's which shows how to trigger a "save to file" on every ping. You do need the paid version !
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Re: Exit Warning - 01/03/06 06:42 PM

Just to clarify my last post ! Logging to a file does not lose Multipings current display of its data ! You only lose Multipings display when you exit the program, however if you were saving to a file you then have not lost all your results.