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HTML - 07/11/04 06:49 PM

I would like to be able to see a summary of what's going on with a web browser. If Multiping could do a basic summary in html, I could see it on my Blackberry. The detail given in the program would be too much, but a simple text output would be great. I have some other reports exported to an external web site every 5 minutes. With a click on my Blackberry, I can see what's going on in our intranet. While IN my network a more detailed output of the program would be great too.
Posted by: Pete Ness

Re: HTML - 07/12/04 01:19 AM

Thanks for the suggestion. We've got it logged as an enhancement request, and we'll definitely fit something like this into the future plans someplace.
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Re: HTML - 07/12/04 03:03 PM

Thanks. Wonderful support and feedback!
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Re: HTML - 10/17/04 06:12 AM

I see that this suggestion, which I would also like to see, was made a few months ago.

When can we expect some sort of HTML output from Multiping?

Most other programs of this sort do output an HTML log or uptime indicator.


Registered MultiPing user.
Posted by: Pete Ness

Re: HTML - 10/17/04 12:16 PM

Hi, Tim.

We're currently working on a web interface for PingPlotter, and we'll certainly be looking at leveraging some of this work into MultiPing, but we've not determined exactly what level of functionality, or when this will happen.
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Re: HTML - 01/28/06 01:14 PM

Anyu pdate to this?
Posted by: Pete Ness

Re: HTML - 01/28/06 01:26 PM

We recently released PingPlotter Pro, which has a native web interface. It is *not* MultiPing, though. The future of PingPlotter Pro calls for adding more MultiPing capabilities, in addition to what it already has, and a summary web interface is one of the things we're working on. If PingPlotter Pro has everything you need, except for a summary screen with all targets status, then let us know and we'll see if we can work with you to provide the capabilities you need. Adding a summary page to PingPlotter Pro that's consumable on a handheld device of some kind is well within the range of it's capabilities, we've just not developed the page/code yet. We're in the midst of a planning phase for the next version of MultiPing, and we're not currently planning on adding a web interface for the next version. If you think it's important that MultiPing has this, and PingPlotter Pro doesn't satisfy your needs, please let us know - either here, or for a bit more private discussion, try emailing us at [email] web interface comments[/email]. - Pete
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Re: HTML - 06/23/06 07:22 AM

I would *love* to see the capability to somehow have web viewing for MultiPing. I am one of 3 guys on a network team, and we also have a support/monitoring desk that interfaces with us. If MultiPing had a web interface for viewing the overall picture (no drilldown or admin ability) everyone could take advantage of it would be awesome.

Either way - a great tool to use for snapshots of connectivity related performance and issues.
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Re: HTML - 10/09/06 04:18 AM

I was going to suggest a graphic output for MultiPing similar to Pingplotter. But I'll cast my vote. HTML would be even better and obviously a more efficient format.