Summary screen graph missing

Posted by: William Smith

Summary screen graph missing - 09/02/07 11:56 AM

The Summary Screen on the WWWebserver is missing the graphs, and the graphs in the "Printable Version", changing the graph time doesn't do anything.

Are those known misfeatures?

Posted by: Pete Ness

Re: Summary screen graph missing - 09/02/07 12:24 PM

Hi, William.

You can see the time graphs on the summary screen (and on the individual target screens) by double clicking on the left column in the upper graph (the "hop" or status column, depending on which screen you're looking at), or by right clicking on that same column and using the menu.

The printable screen doesn't use Javascript so you have to post the form after changing the settings - and there are no buttons on that screen to submit the form, so those dropdowns are really just for display purposes.

Once you get the time graphs turned on with the "active" summary screen, I think everything may work the way you expect. If not, let us know.

- Pete
Posted by: William Smith

Re: Summary screen graph missing - 09/02/07 12:39 PM

That was it, thanks!