Whois in 2.03

Posted by: travelerlv

Whois in 2.03 - 05/14/00 09:35 PM

The whois info is still incomplete in 2.03.<br>Any word on that getting fixed?<br><br>
Posted by: Pete Ness

Re: Whois in 2.03 - 05/16/00 12:29 PM

Hi.<br><br>2.03 has problems with WhoIs - as Internic changed the format of their output, and 2.03 tried to parse it.<br><br>2.20 beta 3 doesn't do any parsing - so it should work. I've succesfully used this feature quite a few times in the last few days in 2.20.<br><br>If you're having problems with 2.20, let me know a few more specifics so I can get it taken care of.<br><br>Thanks!<br><br>