Access Violation Problem

Posted by: forstle

Access Violation Problem - 05/09/00 09:53 PM

This could be a one-time thing, but I will post it here for the masses to figure out.<br><br>I downloaded the beta (3).<br>Ran it.<br>Selected a "host"<br>Clicked "Trace"<br>Watch for about 10 plots.<br>Click the up arrow on the "Samples to Include"<br>--- Access Violation ---<br><br>Click on anything else that is a valid clickable area.<br>I had to Alt-F4 to quit the program.<br><br>If it happens again I will try to post a better list of things I did.<br><br><br>Thomas Mon<br>USA domains, Inc.<br>
Posted by: forstle

Re: Access Violation Problem - 05/09/00 09:58 PM

Yeah, pretty much I got the same effect so long as I try to change the "Samples to Include" value using the scrollers while I am doing a trace... however, sometimes I have to play with the scroller a little (less than 3 seconds) to get it to give me the Access Violation.<br><br>Thomas Mon<br>USA domains, Inc.<br>
Posted by: angusm

Re: Access Violation Problem - 05/15/00 01:59 AM

I, too, can reproduce this ("Access violation at address 0047C071 in Module 'PINGPLOTTER.EXE': Read of address FFFFFFFF.). It is not always predictable, but occurs most easily if you pick an unreachable host. Once the error occurs, clicking anywhere in the dialog (including the close button in the top right corner), or clicking ouside the dialog so that another application comes to the foreground, increments the Samples to include count, and generates the error. To close the dialog, you have to right click on the application in the task bar and select Close.<br><br>