Memory error

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Memory error - 12/04/02 07:31 PM

866 P3
384 Ram
20gig hd w/ 9gig available
latest patches and updates to XP

Posted by: jbrunette

Re: Memory error - 12/05/02 10:58 AM

I've seen this happen, usually when right-clicking something in PP 2.40b1 like the timeline graphs. It doesn't close PP, it just displays the "access violation" error and doesn't open the context menu. Right clicking something else usually "corrects" it, so that the context menu appears again.

I can't reproduce it on command, it's seemingly random.
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Re: Memory error - 12/05/02 12:41 PM

Thanks for the additional information, Jason. Jeffery sent me his "PingPlotter.RIP" file from his Ping Plotter directory. This file has a stack trace of errors when they occur. Can you possibly send me yours as well (to

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Re: Memory error - 12/05/02 05:25 PM

I would do that, but when it starts it will not stop. I have to do a 3 finger salute to get it stopped.

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Re: Memory error - 12/06/02 09:59 AM