bugs in e-mail alert

Posted by: edcrowe

bugs in e-mail alert - 03/25/01 05:31 AM

Sorry if this has already been dealt with, but I posted these earlier and had no response.<br><br>There are two bugs in e-mail alerts:<br>1. The date and time in the smtp header is wrong:<br>Date: Sat, 30 Dec 1899 0:0:0 +0100 <br>2. The name of the alert is not included in the alert.<br>(Note it IS included when you do a "Test", but it is not included in a real message).<br><br>I'll send examples which demonstrate both of these, zipped to pete@pingplotter.com<br>Thanks,<br>Ed<br><br>
Posted by: Pete Ness

Re: bugs in e-mail alert - 03/29/01 02:53 AM

I've got these logged in the bug list. Thanks! (And thanks for the data sent as well).<br><br>
Posted by: Bill_MI

Re: bugs in e-mail alert - 07/18/01 04:17 PM

The date problem also exists in 2.30. Identical date, too:<br>Date: Sat, 30 Dec 1899 0:0:0 -0400<br><br>I wondered if I'd find this here - didn't see it in the regular support forum.<br><br>