E-mail/SMTP setup

Posted by: Anonymous

E-mail/SMTP setup - 11/13/00 04:39 PM

I am using a freeware version on a Toshiba 4200 behind a corporate firewall.<br><br>I am having trouble setting up the proper SMTP and or e-mail alert address. Every time I try to send a test I get back a "Host Not Found" message. Is there a FAQ sheet on this?<br><br>Thanks, othewrwise it looks like a great utility.<br><br>
Posted by: angusm

Re: E-mail/SMTP setup - 12/14/00 09:33 AM

Perhaps in a future release you might include a simple wizard to lead the user through the steps of defining email server, defining alert criteria, and assigning alerts to IP addresses (I had missed that last step until, in desperation, I read the help - I had assumed the new alert was automatically associated with the current target IP).<br><br>
Posted by: Pete Ness

Re: E-mail/SMTP setup - 12/18/00 11:05 AM

The alerts are a bit of an advanced option, and it's not entirely intuitive to have to tie alerts to an IP address manually (it makes a lot of sense from a usage standpoint, but it's not entirely intuitive). The online help file does have some instructions on this, although that's often not used by everyone. I'll look at possible adding some facilities in the future to make this a bit easier.<br><br>
Posted by: edcrowe

Re: E-mail/SMTP setup - 03/15/01 10:55 AM

Pete the e-mailing feature is really neat...<br>...but (there's always a but... or 2 in this case):<br>1. I think there is a problem with the date/time on sent messages: it is stuck on 30 Dec 1899 0:0:0 +0000<br>2. Could we please have the name of the alert in the message, (preferably in the subject line)<br>Best Regards,<br>Ed<br><br><br>
Posted by: edcrowe

Re: E-mail/SMTP setup - 03/15/01 12:30 PM

3. (good things come in 3s)<br>In the e-mail setup could we have an option to send the graphic image .PNG file?<br>This is the last suggestion for today, honest.<br>Best wishes,<br>Ed<br><br>