Start Minimized Option?

Posted by: LukeDukeNY

Start Minimized Option? - 09/03/00 07:31 PM

Hi Pete- I was wondering if you thought about added a command line option to allow PP to start minimized to the tray?<br><br>This would be quite useful for sysadmins who usually want to fire up PP right away to monitor a host and then minimize it.<br><br>you can sort of do this by editing the "shortcut" to start PP minimized but then when you go to "restore" it, it's only partially restored to a tiny little titlebar, which then needs to be further sized up... a little tedious.<br><br>Whaddya think?<br><br>PS- PingPlotter is awesome!<br><br>cheers,<br>Luke<br><br>
Posted by: Pete Ness

Re: Start Minimized Option? - 09/06/00 10:46 AM

I'll have a look at the reasons why Ping Plotter restores wrong from a shortcut - this shouldn't be the case. I'll also add something to the suggestion list about being able to start it minimized with a command line switch.<br><br>Thanks for the feedback.<br><br>