IPv6 Support

Posted by: Dwalin

IPv6 Support - 11/18/13 08:25 AM


I was hoping to find something, but I had no luck.

When do you plan to support IPv6?

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Re: IPv6 Support - 12/04/13 12:53 PM

Originally Posted By: Dwalin

When do you plan to support IPv6?

I've been eagerly awaiting this too; its been on the list for two years though; it seems like not much work is going on with pingplotter at the moment.

Here's the roadmap post from two years ago: Post from Pete Ness from 11/2011
Posted by: Pete Ness

Re: IPv6 Support - 12/04/13 01:00 PM

There's actually a lot of work going on with PingPlotter right now - it's just not visible yet. We just moved to a new office and are hiring. Recent development progress has been agonizingly slow (believe me, we're not happy with progress either), but the outlook is good.

IPv6 is an important project - and growing in importance. There are some architecture changes underway that have been slowing things down, and these are still not yet complete. We're super-interested in getting IPv6 done, though.

Thanks for checking in.