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Posted by: Anonymous

Check For Update - 06/25/00 11:44 PM

It seems like many programs today offer a "Check For Update", usually under the Help menu. I realize that not only would logic need to be added to Ping Plotter, but to your web site as well. But it would be pretty cool if that option was available. It would make upgrading significantly easier. Thanks for the great program, I've been a resistered users for a long time and love Ping Plotter.<br><br>
Posted by: RpD

Re: Check For Update - 11/20/08 01:17 PM

Interesting... PingPlotter 2.41 seemed to have "Check for Update..." under Help.
Once I checked for update... a small notice appeared in the small status bar at bottom. When I shutdown PingPlotter 2.41 and restarted it.... 'Check for Update' had disappeared from the Help menu.
And... I now startup 3.30.0s... and there's no 'Check for Update' in the Help menu.
[Edit]: Ah... I see there's an auto-update checkbox in View, Options, Internet....
Posted by: Pete Ness

Re: Check For Update - 11/25/08 02:08 PM

PingPlotter now automatically checks for updates once a week. If it finds that one is outstanding, it will have an option in the help menu to tell you about it (in addition to a popup dialog). If you want to explicit check for an update, go to Edit -> Options, Internet. Next to the "Check for updates automatically", there is a "Check Now" button.