Highlighting long-term changes in latency in the graph

Posted by: Frank Bulk

Highlighting long-term changes in latency in the graph - 06/28/08 12:46 PM

PingPlotter's graphs show the change in latency over time. If I recall my college math correctly, jitter would the derivative of latency, something that PingPlotter Pro displays.

My request is slightly different. Sometimes there is a route change or event that raises or drops the latency by several milliseconds. But it's not momentary, it stays for a long time. When I slide the graphs from left to right and allow PingPlotter to auto-adjust the y-axis it's not always obvious that this change in latency occurs, unless I would zoom out the time scale.

So my feature request is that PingPlotter somehow annotate the graph to show that a sustained change in latency occurred. This amount of change and length of time that it needs to change before it shows should be user-configurable.

Posted by: Pete Ness

Re: Highlighting long-term changes in latency in the graph - 06/30/08 12:35 PM

Hi, Frank.

That's an interesting idea - probably of interest to only a few people, but interesting anyway.

Just exploring the idea a bit more ... how about an alert that adds a comment to the time graph when it sees something like this? Maybe something that says "look at the last 500 samples for an average latency - if the average latency for the last 50 samples is 2% higher than the last 500, then put a comment on the time graph".

By a comment, I mean one of these:


- Pete