Floating Graphs

Posted by: forstle

Floating Graphs - 05/10/00 12:24 AM

I would like to have "stay on top" graphs that are in their own window with just the name of the host in the "window title bar" (a small one if possible).<br><br>Thomas Mon<br>USA domains, Inc.<br>http://www.usadomains.com
Posted by: Pete Ness

Re: Floating Graphs - 05/12/00 10:04 AM

Currently no. I'm planning a revision of the user interface in a future version - where this would become possible.<br><br>
Posted by: forstle

Re: Floating Graphs - 05/12/00 10:14 AM

It would be best if the had either a little pushpin icon to mark them as stay on top or not or just a right click menu option.<br><br>Thomas Mon<br>USA domains, Inc.<br>http://www.usadomains.com