Standard Deviation

Posted by: Orion

Standard Deviation - 09/06/05 01:21 AM

It's nice that Ping Plotter gives you the average ping, but what I'd be really interested in is seeing standard deviation.

I pretty much keep a constant ping going to my first hop (my ISP) because my service is so lousy (5% packet loss for the last 866,000 packets). And often the latency is all over the place (current high on the 60 minute graph is 80 while the average is 13). So for me seeing the standard deviation would be helpful.
Posted by: Pete Ness

Re: Standard Deviation - 09/06/05 01:30 AM

How about Jitter and MoS too? What about being able to do your own equation?

We're working on our upcoming "Pro" release, which ships with all the above (including standard deviation). See our "teaser" for this on the news page at

Thanks for the suggestion!

- Pete

P.S. You can export your data and calculate the Std Dev using Excel. We have a knowledgebase article on this at
Posted by: Jan Galkowski

Re: Standard Deviation - 09/16/10 03:54 PM


Can you/do you specify some place how this number is calculated? Does it use, for example, the adjustment for bias by dividing by N-1 instead of N?

- Jan
Posted by: Pete Ness

Re: Standard Deviation - 09/16/10 10:45 PM

Our Standard Deviation formula does use N-1. You can see more details by looking in your PingPlotter Pro\scripts directory and look at the "Std Deviation.ppx" file, which is the script used to calculate standard deviation (and display it, in case you want to change the red threshold point). You're free to tweak this formula yourself, although I'd recommend copying it so the next upgrade to PingPlotter Pro won't overwrite your changes.