Visible Graph Scale

Posted by: StuartMW

Visible Graph Scale - 05/29/03 09:46 AM

It'd be really nice if the graph had more scale information as shown in the image below. At the moment it just shows 0 and the maximum time. Preferably the amount of scale information would be selectable (e.g. every 100ms, 200ms etc).

Posted by: Pete Ness

Re: Visible Graph Scale - 05/29/03 02:04 PM

My use case for Ping Plotter pretty much never includes opening the time graph to such a big scale, so until recently this functionality never occured to me. In the last few months, though, we've had several requests for it, so it's possible we may be able to fit this in to a future version. I've got an enhancement request logged for it, but no guarantees on if/when you'll see it.

Thanks for the feedback, suggestion, and great image!

- Pete
Posted by: StuartMW

Re: Visible Graph Scale - 05/29/03 02:33 PM

Hopefully that feature will make it in :-)

BTW here's an even better screen-shot--at least it is for me! PP helped me provide actual information to my ISP to resolve my DSL issue. The $15 has been worth it over the last month!