Additional WHOIS lookup

Posted by: Anonymous

Additional WHOIS lookup - 11/26/01 06:13 PM

Nice tool btw! :)<br><br>I would like to see a more expanded WHOIS lookup section in the advanced options -> Internet ->Whois servers area.<br><br>It's a pain to type in the correct whois server, depending on the location.<br><br>A text box with a default PLUS some radio buttons allowing a more advanced user to select one of the following:<br><br>APNIC: (Asia Pacfic)<br>RIPE: (European)<br><br>Also...<br>Right clicking on the address to lookup would result in being able to use the default or choose an alternate WHOIS server.<br><br><br><br><br>
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Additional WHOIS lookup - 11/26/01 06:20 PM

Sorry..I see the info now in the FAQ's. However having the above Whois servers already preconfigured would make P.P. a more complete and refined tool.<br><br>