Default name of sample set file

Posted by: IDR

Default name of sample set file - 02/26/99 09:27 AM

I'm running PP most days during business hours over an ADSL connection and it's proving very useful.<br><br>When I shutdown the machine I get prompted for the name of the file to save. (I love that "you've collected a lot of data, do you want to save it" prompt) <br><br>To keep seperate days record seperate, I then change the filename to include - dd.MMM.YYYY (eg 26.Feb.1999) at the end. Would it be possible to have this added automatically? I realise it raises International date issues but as long as it was clear (ie using the three letter month) I wouldn't mind.<br><br><p>
Posted by: Pete Ness

Re: Default name of sample set file - 02/28/99 11:25 PM

I'm working on the next major version - and *hopefully* it will allow you to log an unlimited amount of data to the same file. It won't load the data from the file until you want to look at data for that time period (in 2.0x, it loads ALL the data into memory - so this makes large files a problem).<br><br>Hopefully, this will allow someone to have all the data for a specific site in the same file - and then be able to look at pictures or export data from pertinent time periods to send to others or analyze in other packages.<br><br>Is there any reason you'd still want to save multiple files for the same destination? <br><br>Thanks,<br>Pete<p>
Posted by: gmchugh

Re: Default name of sample set file - 03/29/99 10:38 AM

I save multiple files quite often but currently have to add the date to the file name. This is done for baselining routes, and for documenting WAN link problems. If dealing with links controled by others, we are able to provide the baseline and a snapshot of new connectivity problems. I would love to see date-stamped files.<br><br>Gary McHugh<br><br><br>
Posted by: Pete Ness

Re: Default name of sample set file - 03/29/99 11:26 AM

Ok.<br><br>Thanks for the additional reinforcement on this one. This may or may not make it into the next version (which is taking WAY, WAY too long to get out), but I'll add it to the list of things that I expect to get to sometime (soon, hopefully). <br><br>Thanks!<br><br>Pete<br><br>
Posted by: IDR

Re: Default name of sample set file - 06/22/99 01:56 PM

Sorry for the huge delay in replying.<br><br>For me (currently), I only datestamp the file names for manageability. If you can form one large file that is appended to, that's good too.<br><br>S<br><br><br>