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Alert Feature - 08/21/01 03:29 PM

Please forgive the first post. I can't talk,type and read at the same time.<br><br>First Thanks for the app. I work for a cruise line and have ships connected to the network via satellite. Your alerts seem to be set up for ground based connections, usually up or down. I often have connections at over 3500 ms. This is usually a sign that we my lose the signal. I have set up my email to send my phone a txt msg when a ship is down and/or very slow but I'd also like to know when she is getting bad and when she is back up.<br>Would it be possible to add some extra logic to the alert. And/Or < > over under. <br><br><br><br>
Posted by: Pete Ness

Re: Alert Feature - 08/21/01 07:54 PM

Hi Craig.<br><br>First off, you *can* configure it to have two alerts to the same destination, so you could have one for "getting bad" and another for "really bad/down". What you can't do currently is set up something to notify you when it's back up. Another problem with using two alerts staged is that you'd get double notification - the "getting bad" one would always fire even when the connection was down.<br><br>I am in the midst of re-engineering the internal engine, and at the point this is done, adding additional features to the alert system will be more feasible - and very much planned.<br><br>I'll make sure I record this on the suggestion list - you're not the first person to ask for "back up" alerts.<br><br>Thanks!<br><br>
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Re: Alert Feature - 07/18/02 03:50 PM

Great Pete! I came here to suggest the very same thing. It is just as important for me to know when the net comes back up. I'm trying to characterize and document a T1 wireless tcp/ip connection over a 10 mile path.
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Re: Alert Feature - 02/26/03 08:07 AM

Giving Beta 2 the once over - love the new Alert structure!!! Thanks Pete!!