NT service

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NT service - 01/09/01 02:36 PM

Pingplot cannot run as a NT service at the moment. Pingplot is the only application on my server that allows that somebody is logged on (although it can be locked ofcourse). It would be nice if the admin user could be logged out thus pinplotter would run as a service.<br><br>Ramon Smits<br><br>
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Re: NT service - 02/19/01 11:01 AM

I agree... PingPlotter should be able to be run as a service.<br><br>
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Re: NT service - 05/01/01 02:57 PM

I agree totally. If Ping Plotter could run as a service it would be a fantastic troubleshooting tool. <br><br>
Posted by: zenin

Re: NT service - 07/31/03 01:04 PM


This would be a fantastic addition, making Ping Plotter into a very useful monitoring tool. In addition, if SNMP hooks could be added (even simple "last ping, avg ping, avg packet loss", etc would be great), it would make it very easy to glue existing tools into a nice network sized system. It would make it easy to display/archive standard router SNMP results (bandwidth, temp, etc) against latency issues.