Loose Source Route?

Posted by: Anonymous

Loose Source Route? - 07/06/00 12:58 AM

Does PP have the capability to do Loose Source Route traces?<br><br>If not, consider that a suggestion. :)<br><br>Also - I have read on several occasions, that MS platorms and Unix platorms ping differently (ICMP verus UDP pings?)<br>Hence, why on one platform a hop will show * * * , however tracing on another platform to the same hop will show a reply. Any chance of PP being able to switch between the 2 different ping "types"?<br><br>Thanks!<br>-Giles<br>gharney@home.com<br><br>
Posted by: Pete Ness

Re: Loose Source Route? - 07/21/00 07:14 PM

Ping Plotter does not currently support loose source routing. I played with this feature some time ago and completely failed to get it to work through any of the 3 ISP (and a multitude of destinations) that I tried it on. At that point, I decided it wasn't worth implementing for the time being, and put it back on the suggestion list. I'm not sure exactly which conditions are necessary to get this to work, unfortunately.<br><br>I've also played quite a bit with getting Unix style echo requests implemented. This requires Winsock2 (no biggy with it being included on all OSes now), and a priority on my part to get it in there. I have some working prototypes and I saw some different results from Windows style requests (very cool stuff). I expect to see this in a future version, but I can't say for sure when (it's not been high on the request list so far).<br><br>Thanks for the suggestions!<br><br><br>