...and the pure ping ?

Posted by: alessandro

...and the pure ping ? - 06/01/99 01:24 PM

Hello, I'm currently testing 2.03 rev, just installed btw (never seen it<br>before...)<br>But is it true that I can log and observe PING req/replies only if<br>traceroute for dns fails ?<br>I would like to select also Ping from the bottom bar, not just TRACE. Is<br>it possible ?<br>Anyway, compliments for the great software. It's the best !<br>Ciao,<br> Alex<br><br>
Posted by: Pete Ness

Re: ...and the pure ping ? - 06/02/99 07:39 PM

Hi.<br><br>In the current version, the only option is to actually trace (you have to do all the intermediate hops as well as the final destination hop). Future versions are planned with some expanded features here, but I don't have a scheduled release date yet.<br><br>I'm not sure what you mean by "... only if traceroute for dns fails". It always traces to each one - and it shouldn't have anything to do with the dns lookup failing. Maybe you can re-phrase this a bit differently to help me understand what you mean? (sorry if it's obvious, I may just be missing something).<br><br>Thanks!<br><br>Pete<br><br>
Posted by: alessandro

Re: ...and the pure ping ? - 06/03/99 05:39 AM

Thanks for your answer.<br>What I mean is that I am trying in a lab with a switch and a PC with dns configured but no dns reachable anywhere. Analyzer is in between.<br>I start the trace and I get the box telling me that dns is looking up the IP address (the switch has only IP address, no name and no dns configured). After a while i click on the box and ping plotter (2.03) starts to "flood" the network with dns requests because the remote IP network where the dns stands (configured on pc's IP stack) is unreachable (as wanted!). Still, after about 60 seconds, only regular ICMP echo requests and replys start and there goes the normal ping.<br>So the ping is implemented and it works, only I have to click on the box (no problem) and get a lot of dns search packets (not a big deal anyway).<br>I did not try to test disabling dns on the IP stack of the PC but that's not my goal. What I'd like is two bottons on the lower left side; a PING one and a TRACE one.<br>Thanks for your time.<br>Regards,<br> Alex<br> <br><br>
Posted by: Pete Ness

Re: ...and the pure ping ? - 06/07/99 09:35 PM

<br>Here's a basic rundown of what happens in Ping Plotter when you enter an IP address to trace to.<br><br>1) Ping Plotter does a reverse DNS lookup for that IP address. It waits for the response before continuing. If you know that you don't have a DNS address, you might try adding this IP address to your hosts file to make this situation work faster - Windows can use the name found in the host file and not have to try to find a DNS server.<br><br>2) 35 ICMP echo requests are sent out - separated by the amount of time specified in the Advanced Options dialog (25 ms). These are sent out to reach hops 1 through 35. <br><br>3) As each hop responds with its IP address, Ping Plotter does a reverse DNS lookup (in a separate thread - so it doesn't affect the actual trace performance) on each IP address that responds back.<br><br>4) When the trace interval expires, Ping Plotter sends out another group of ICMP echo requests - this time, though, it only sends out enough to make it to the destination. If, however, it hasn't contacted the final destination, it will send it out up through the "Destination Unreachable" hop. Every fifth set after that, it goes out 3 hops beyond the "Unreachable" hop to see if it might make it to something after all.<br><br>I'm not *quite* sure how you're seeing anything different than this. Let me know if what you're getting isn't consistent with this.<br><br>Ping plotter definitely knows how to "Ping". What it doesn't do is know how to transition automatically between a straight ping and a full trace. It also doesn't know to initiate just a ping - it always tries to do a trace.<br><br>Hope that explains the behavior a bit. Let me know what suggestions you have - and maybe a bit more details on what you're using it for (I still don't have a really clear picture on what you're doing with it).<br><br>Thanks,<br>Pete <br><br>
Posted by: macke

Re: ...and the pure ping ? - 03/21/00 12:03 PM

Pete, <br><br>re: 2),<br><br>is there a way (in 2.03) to specify the maximum number of hops to trace?<br><br>Max<br><br>
Posted by: Pete Ness

Re: ...and the pure ping ? - 03/21/00 12:28 PM

There is no way in any version of Ping Plotter to specify this. It always sends out 35 on the first pass.<br><br>