Timeline Graphs

Posted by: HiTec

Timeline Graphs - 02/26/00 05:07 AM

I have been running a timeline graph on a specific IP address all week, and would like to know where this<br>information is stored? Is it stored in RAM somewhere, or on disk, or what? When I close the Ping Plotter<br>program it tells me that I have a lot of data and do I want to save it. I would like to know where it is held,<br>because if I run this thing all month or something I would like to know if it is eating my hard disk space, or <br>just looping around or something.<br><br>Thanks. <br><br>
Posted by: Pete Ness

Re: Timeline Graphs - 02/28/00 07:52 PM

Hi.<br><br>It is holding it in memory. The current version has no methods of trimming the oldest data (ie: looping it), or spooling it to disk.<br><br>As a note, each "sample" takes 4 bytes, plus 2 bytes for each hop. This means a 10 hop trace takes 24 bytes, so a 10,000 sample set takes about a quarter of a meg of ram. Depending on how much RAM your machine has, a month's worth could take quite a bit.<br><br>Version 2.2 will allow you to auto-save the data (having a different file per day, for example), and also limit the number of samples in RAM, so you could specify not to exceed 10K samples and it would throw away the oldest data.<br><br>Let me know if you have other suggestions.<br><br>Thanks!<br><br>