Packet Loss Issues - Help Please!

Posted by: TankMuddlefoot

Packet Loss Issues - Help Please! - 09/10/21 04:32 PM

Good afternoon,

For the past two weeks I have been dealing with frequent packet loss while just sitting on an empty desktop (monitoring ping) as well as in any game.

I've been working with my ISP and each time they open a ticket, and close a ticket saying it is fixed, there is no change on my end. Was wondering if anyone would have any insight into my plot here to help me locate where my issue would be. I understand the bandwidth bars are quite large however I am not sure as to why that would be as my bandwidth supply is quite large and this issue exists even when just the PC is connected to the internet with it sitting on the desktop (no apps open)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, Thanks
Posted by: TJM

Re: Packet Loss Issues - Help Please! - 09/10/21 07:08 PM

Hey TankMuddlefoot,

Thanks for reaching out!

After looking at the attached screenshot it looks to me like there may be a bandwidth saturation issue however, it is hard to say with certainty considering your first two hops appear to be down prioritizing the ICMP packets sent by PingPlotter.

To try and get these devices to respond to PingPlotter I suggest running traces directly to each of these IP addresses (for hops #1 and #2 in your trace to Google). This should cause these devices to respond better, giving you a clearer look at what is happening in your home network and right at the ISP.

You can read more about ICMP down prioritization in the following article:

One Poorly Responding Router

Along with that you can also try an alternate packet type such as UDP or TCP to get these first 2 hops responding better. You can find instructions on setting up new named configurations (using different packet types) in the following section of the PingPlotter manual:

Named Configurations

Note that NpCap is required to use TCP packets with PingPlotter.

After getting these hops to respond better you will be able to see if this packet loss is originating at the first or second hop in your route. Note that the first hop is your local network (router) and the second hop is likely your ISP.

If this leaves you with any questions let me know!

Posted by: TankMuddlefoot

Re: Packet Loss Issues - Help Please! - 09/10/21 10:04 PM

TJ, thanks for your support on this. I will definitely try what you have mentioned.

Just looking for one piece of clarification. If those tests were done while directly connected to the modem, would the first hop then be the 'modem' rather then the 'router'? (Probably is I just want to double check)

I've been starting to think it's either an issue with my pc or modem but obviously wanted to double check with some experts on here before I go order another modem.