2nd Hop indicates high latency

Posted by: andyw77

2nd Hop indicates high latency - 02/16/21 02:52 PM

I have cox ultimate internet 500 mbps download and 10 mbps upload. Coaix cable is running to Arris SBG-83000 gateway to pole outside my home. I am plugged in via ethernet Cat6 cable.

I can't even game comfortably because this latency spike is always at random. I "rubberband" in game and is very frustrating.
Posted by: andyw77

Re: 2nd Hop indicates high latency - 02/16/21 02:56 PM

Posted by: TJM

Re: 2nd Hop indicates high latency - 02/16/21 06:50 PM

Hey Andyw77,

Thanks for getting in touch with us - I'm happy to offer some advice!

Based on what I can see in your screenshot I think it is safe to say that this is not a hop #1 issue. This means that your latency may be coming from outside your home network. To get a better idea of where your lag is coming from I suggest tracing directly to the game server you are attempting to play on.

In order to find the exact IP address of your game server, you could try this:

1. Close all other applications, leaving only your game running
2. Run Command Prompt as Administrator and use the netstat -b command. Copy/paste the output to a text editor (i.e. notepad)
2. Then, run the command a second time after closing down your game.
3. Cross-reference your results. The address that displays in the first result, but not the second, should be your game server.

Or if you're interested, you could contact your game's support team and ask for the IP of your server. Community forums for the game are also a great place to search for this information.

Once you've nailed down the IP you're connected to, try out a trace!

Here's a Youtube Video which talks a little more about isolating the problem.

For more details about interpreting results for gaming, you can check out these articles:

Interpreting Graphs - Gaming

Beat Game Lag

I understand if this feels like a lot, which is why we've developed something we like to call PingPlotter SideKick ! This 'nifty tool was designed for home users and remote workers, and boasts a network troubleshooting suite - straight from their local web browser.

Complete with automatic target selection, guided walkthrough, and automated data collection and sharing functionality, PingPlotter Sidekick gives our customers the information they need to fix their network connectivity; either by themselves or by sharing evidence with their ISP.

Sidekick is licensed for 28 days for $20 - no recurring subscription, just a single month of use. If you'd like to learn more, you can check it out at: https://pingplotter.com/sidekick

Please let me know if this leaves you with any other questions, I'm happy to help!

I hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Posted by: andyw77

Re: 2nd Hop indicates high latency - 02/16/21 07:41 PM

Thank you TJ for your thoughtful response much appreciated. I have added my game server trace route. It seems like the latency is the same comparing it to the google server.