Understanding My daata

Posted by: WilliamP

Understanding My daata - 12/16/20 03:09 PM


I'm trying to understand my results. I see loss in game and I assume my system being brand new and installed recently that includes (2) Waps and Luxul Router is good to go. Im running a direct Connection. Really I think my ISP is overloaded. Just need to prove it to them.
Posted by: TJM

Re: Understanding My daata - 12/16/20 07:29 PM

Hi WilliamP

Thanks for reaching out!

I took a look at the screenshot you provided and your connection looks pretty good to me.

As far as the "packet loss" you are seeing at your router (Hop#1), this is normal to see as this is your router dropping/down prioritizing ICMP packets to make room for higher priority traffic on your network. If you run a trace directly to the IP associated with hop #1 you should see all of this packet loss go away.

Along with that when looking at your PingPlotter results it is important to know that the most important part of your trace is the final hop. If the results at the final hop are acceptable then the rest of the data can be ignored. You can learn more about interpreting PingPlotter results in the following articles:

Interpret PingPlotter Results
Interpreting Latency and Packet Loss

As far as reaching out to your ISP goes you may find the following article helpful:

Building a Case

After you collect at least 24 hours of data, feel free to share it with us by:

- Sending over a SampleSet(pp2) file (File -> Export Sample Set -> All Data)
- Creating a share page (File -> Share -> Create Share Page) and copy/paste the URL link in your reply.

If you have any questions about this let me know!