Issue with the licenses

Posted by: PierreKa

Issue with the licenses - 08/25/20 01:10 AM

recently i purchased both:
PingPlotter Sidekick Single User License
PingPlotter Standard Single User License

So, recently my Sidekick webpage "https://localhost:7465/sidekick" said that the license is invalid, so i decided to check. When i attempted to activate the license with the currently owned license key, i got a notification, that my license is already used on one machine and that i need to have another license to use it on the current machine.

The fact is - there is only one machine i have with PingPlotter Standard or Sidekick installed.

SO, the question is how i'm i supposed to get this situation fixed?
Posted by: Poe

Re: Issue with the licenses - 08/25/20 06:53 PM

Hi PierreKa,

Thanks for writing into the forum!

I'd be happy to help you out with your situation. PingPlotter Standard and SideKick have some overlap in the way that they function that can conflict. This overlap should be fixed in the next release but in the meantime I would suggest removing both PingPlotter Standard and SideKick and then just installing SideKick again. While you have SideKick you should be able to run PingPlotter (search for the application and run it) and trace to any endpoints that you want using the PingPlotter application while also using SideKick.

Once your SideKick license time limit is up you can use your PingPlotter Standard license key to use PingPlotter going forward.

If this leaves you with any questions please let us know by replying here or emailing


Posted by: PierreKa

Re: Issue with the licenses - 08/30/20 05:04 AM

Hello, Poe!

Thanks for your response.

I followed your instructions and uninstalled Ping Plotter 5.
Then i restarted the host and installed SideKick.
When it was installed i attempted to activate it with my license key, obtained from the profile at ""

PingPlotter Sidekick Single User License
Recent usage: 1 device
Licensed to: FirstName LastName
Purchased on: Jul 23rd, 2020

And inside the PingPlotter software i got the following:

License Already in Use!
The license you're using is already in use on other ocmputers. Tu run on this one, you have several options:
- close PingPlotter on other computers, then retry here
- buy additional license(s) from your account page
- enter a different license key
- acknowledge this problem and run anyway

SO, the problem here is that i have never run SideKick on more then one host, and it was actually the only one host i used and still use PingPlotter SideKick on.

So the questions are:
- why the license key believes that it's used on more than one machine?
- how i unlink/signout the currently purchased license of SideKick from any hosts it's "thought" to be used?
Posted by: Poe

Re: Issue with the licenses - 08/31/20 06:17 PM

Hi PierreKa,

Sorry you're still having issues with your license. I sent you a PM with a new license key. Give it a try and let us know how that works for you!