Lag spikes at certain times of day

Posted by: brian1684

Lag spikes at certain times of day - 08/09/19 06:48 AM

Can any one please look at this data from ping plotter and just get me pointed in the right direction. Have been having really bad lag spikes while gaming in the evenings/night. My speeds and all are staying mostly normal with the occasional drop, but nothing you would notice while just browsing or netflixing. Upgraded to 500/30 from mediacom a few months ago.Bought new hard ware to go with it, asus ax-88u router and arris sb8200 modem. Worked great until a few weeks ago when some bad storms rolled through. Have had a new line dropped to my house, new line from box to modem, new ethernet cables etc... Mediacoms trouble shooting says there is signal issues from my modem, but every time a tech comes and checks it, he says signal levels are fine, and says the online trouble shooting says that because it is my own modem. Im not totally dumb when it comes to networking and general trouble shooting and testing, but new to the pingplotter stuff. Any help greatly appreciated.
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Re: Lag spikes at certain times of day - 08/09/19 11:57 AM

Hey brian1684,

Thanks for getting in touch!

I took a look at your data - and it does look like you have some packet loss and high latency going on. Could you actually link me the share page? I just have a link to an image right now - if you get me the share page I can dig into the data and let you know where that weird behavior is coming from.
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Re: Lag spikes at certain times of day - 08/09/19 01:53 PM

Thought I did that, posted the wrong link. Here ya go. Thanks!!
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Re: Lag spikes at certain times of day - 08/09/19 02:06 PM

Thought maybe this will help some also.
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Re: Lag spikes at certain times of day - 08/14/19 06:30 PM

Hey Brian,

Sorry it took me a bit to get back to you! I hadn't checked the forums in a bit.

I took a look at the data, and it looks like the spikes are starting right at hop 2. If you double-click on hop 2 in your trace, and scroll back - you can see that the same funky pattern is visible in hop 2. However, if you double click hop 1, the pattern isn't there. This means that there's either some lag happening in the connection FROM hop 1 TO hop 2, or there's some lag happening right at hop 2.

Usually, hop 2 is either your cable modem, or it's the ISP's equipment. I would recommend getting in touch with your ISP and sending them the same share page that you sent me - and let them know the problem is starting with They'll likely be able to identify the right device and they should be able to look into it!

I hope that helped - best of luck to you in getting this figured out!
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Re: Lag spikes at certain times of day - 08/28/19 03:23 PM

Thanks for getting back to me. We identified a problem with upstream power on my arris modem, so swapped out and tried isp modem, and was still having problems, so I think it is somewhere on hop2, which was already my suspicions, one of the techs made a comment about my node being split a few weeks ago, and that is about when all the problems started. There was some downtime yesterday for maintenance and today has been smooth on pingplotter so far. Now just have to work on the upstream power level so I can go back to using my arris sb8200 and not their crappy askey modem...