Hello all! VoIP Issues

Posted by: Allan

Hello all! VoIP Issues - 01/16/17 12:01 PM

Hi All,

we are having soe VoIP issues - mainly fragmented speech, and Ping plotter has been very interesting - but I'm struggling to really pin point it as the call issues dont always match up to the high jitter periods? also we have a server at the edge of our ISP that sometimes has higher jitter, but the end IP can remain smoother - other times it mirrors the jitter?screen shot attached

I don't think we are losing many packets but this is our first VoIP experience?

any help would be appreciated!
Posted by: Gary

Re: Hello all! VoIP Issues - 01/16/17 01:14 PM

Hi Allan,

Thanks for writing in - sorry to hear about your VoIP issues,

It's tough to speculate on what may be going on here with the limited amount of data we can see in the screenshot. There is a *bit* of a pattern at the final destination between 15:25 and 16:15 that looks reminiscent of bandwidth saturation (https://www.pingplotter.com/common-network-problems/#bandwidthsat). Itís difficult to say for certain where the culprit in this issue may be, though. Was this trace performed during a period where there was poor quality on one of your VoIP calls (and were you by chance experiencing issues between 15:25 and 16:15)?

Your goal should be to correlate your experience with your network connection to any patterns you can identify in your PingPlotter results. For best results, you'll want to trace to the service you're having problems with (are you tracing to the VoIP server you're using here?). When you experience problems, make note of it in PingPlotter (more details on how to do this here: http://www.pingplotter.com/manual/time_line_graphing.html). This allows to you see if you can spot any "problem" patterns that may be present in the final destination your PingPlotter results when you're actually running into problems with your network connection. We cover this practice in quite a bit more detail here:


Your next goal should be to eliminate any variables (that you have control over) to see if you can isolate what the culprit in your issue is. We've got a great article that provides some tactics and best practices on this front:


We've also got a short video that goes over how to analyze PingPlotter data, which may also be helpful to you here:


Hopefully this helps get you headed in the right direction! If you should find yourself with any other questions - please let us know.

Best wishes,