Setting up Excel 2K to chart ping times?

Posted by: Anonymous

Setting up Excel 2K to chart ping times? - 09/30/00 01:50 PM

Anyone got a template excel file or give me the low down on how to do this? thanks. :)<br><br>
Posted by: Pete Ness

Re: Setting up Excel 2K to chart ping times? - 10/09/00 12:52 PM

Hi.<br><br>Sorry it took so long for me to post this.<br><br>This is about 700K and includes an Excel spreadsheet, a Ping Plotter .PP2 file, and a very, very short readme.<br><br><A HREF=" Plotter Excel Import" target="_new">Ping Plotter Excel Import</A><br><br>Things to keep in mind:<br><br>While doing this, I found several bugs in the exporting mechanism. These have been fixed in my beta version, but I don't expect this beta to be available publicly for about another 10 days or so. Version 2.20 will export somewhat poorly (although it can be coerced into working, it's not always pretty).<br><br>This is not a template - it's an example, and it's pretty dang ugly.<br><br>When exporting, I used the following settings:<br><br><br><br>Feel free to add to this, comment, improve - whatever!<br>