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#3189 - 11/28/17 10:17 PM Network hiccups
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Hello, im new in the forums.

I have been experiencing a sort of "hiccup" in the network connection, I realize it when I play online, I get 7 seconds of game, and 2 seconds of lag, but its constant, I can count it.

So it looks like the connection has hiccups.

Ive installed ping plotter, in an attempt to discover the problem, but guess what.....

ping plotter does have hiccups aswell !!!

its odd, I did set the sample time to 0.5 seconds, and the ping count "jamms" every 7 seconds, and stalls there for 2 or 3 seconds, then it "catches up" in a fast manner (it jumps) for 5 or so pings.

I have tried reinstalling windows, which works, for 1 day, then the hiccups start again. I mean, a fresh install of windows does not have the problem, but that lasts like 1 or 2 days.

I have tried using a different network adaptor (a usb one), but the hiccups persist.

I have tried disabling every protocol in the properties tab, but the ip v4, with no luck.

I will try to provide a video of the problem.

Upon saving the video, I notticed the timer under the ping graphics, at the right, also STOPS every 6 seconds, and also fast forwards 4 or so seconds after that small stop.

I have also notticed the ping count to the first 2 servers (my router and the cable modem of the company), does not stop, its the ping to the 3rd hop in the list which stops counting.
Also, the % of packet loss to the first 2 hops is way high, I wonder why, its of 90%.

I can provide further diagnostics, if needed.

Video of the hiccups in the capture.
Capture video
Nottice the clock stopping middle right.

#3190 - 11/29/17 05:20 PM Re: Network hiccups [Re: 6uoW]
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Hey there,

Thanks for writing in, and welcome to PingPlotter Forums!

The first thing that I notice is that your trace interval is set to 0.5 seconds. This is a fairly aggressive trace interval, and can lead to inaccurate representation of network performance and saturating your router's resources with a large amount of ICMP packets, which the router may discard or downprioritize. If you increase the interval to 2.5 seconds, is the behavior PingPlotter was displaying still persisting?

If this doesn't seem to do it for you, feel free to submit a support ticket to us by heading to Help -> Email PingPlotter Support. This will package up some useful information about your instance of the program so we can investigate a bit further.

Thanks again for writing in!

#3191 - 11/29/17 08:17 PM Re: Network hiccups [Re: Hayla]
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I set the interval to 0.5 specifically to get a more live response of the lag intervals.

Anyhow, I did set the interval to 2 seconds, and the clock at the middle right does stall every 6 seconds, it freezes and then jumps fast 3 seconds in a fast manner.

This behaviour is more notticeable with smaller ping intervals, but is still there using 2 seconds interval.

The ping counter does freeze aswell, and then jumps 3 pings in a row.

I did submit the email to ping plotter, but still wonder if someone can answer me in this forums.

Is there any other way i can provide information to help determine the error?
The video seems a good idea to me, as it shows the freezing in the counter and the clock, which i couldnt show other way, and seems a key symptom to me.

Thanks for the answer.



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