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#3177 - 11/13/17 12:02 AM Remote Agent on Debian
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Hi All - I am looking at installing the Unix remote agent on a Raspberry Pi so that I can do some remote testing etc.

I was hoping that someone might have a detailed step by step on the installation process so I can save a lot of trial and error getting it to work.

Would appreciate any thoughts/suggestions.


#3178 - 11/13/17 04:48 PM Re: Remote Agent on Debian [Re: Mal]
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Hey Mal,

Thanks for writing in to us!

I was able to dig up a set of instructions that we created for the purpose of deploying a Debian remote agent. Here they are!

*This installs the PingPlotter Linux remote agent using PHP on Debian. A perl version is also available. *

*Download a Debian image (we like the net install version, i386 is probably safe, but pick your architecture)

*Boot from Image.

*Standard install, default options. (We just chose generic host, domain, and username/passwords. Then partitioned the disk per our needs, and configured the network/mirror per our location)

*On software selection screen - select web server, and system utilities (uncheck everything else)

*Install GRUB boot loader

*Reboot/login as root

*Type "ifconfig" to get IP Address

*Verify web server is running via IP address

*Install PHP, mod_php and unzip, then restart apache:
aptitude install php5 libapache2-mod-php5 unzip
/etc/init.d/apache2 restart

*Download and extract the php version of the remote agent script:
cd /var/www

*Turn up permissions on the traceroute command to enable all settings.
chmod u+s /usr/sbin/traceroute

*Test! Use ifconfig to find IP address on the new Debian machine, then use a browser from another machine to make sure the agent responds. The test URL should be http://(new machine ip)/trace.php.

*Follow the steps on configuring the remote agent. In those instructions, where told to use a path to the remote agent script, use http://(new machine ip)/trace.php (the .php version, rather than the perl version there).

Please note, it isn't super common for us to have support for the many flavors of Linux due to the mass variety of variations there are, so we have no official documentation. These are just some instructions we have used in the past to get this up and running while testing; please let us know if this works for you and we'd love to document it!

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#3181 - 11/15/17 10:24 PM Re: Remote Agent on Debian [Re: Hayla]
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Thanks for the advice Hayla - I am sure it is not hard but if someone has already done the hard work it makes my life a little easier.

I am configuring this on a RaspberryPi so will provide some feedback as soon as I am able.


#3233 - 03/27/18 07:55 PM Re: Remote Agent on Debian [Re: Hayla]
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For the Test portion what is actually supposed to be the response in the web Browser?

Also sorry for necro.



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