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#1117 - 03/29/04 11:57 PM Usability Improvement

Hi Pete, it's me again. Your The Net Gamer guy.

There are times when I'd like to trace several locations one after another in (relatively) rapid succession.

I'd like to be able to simply doubleclick on an address in the list and have PingPlotter stop the current trace, and start a new one using the address doubleclicked (assuming there is enough data, it would ask if I want to save it first).

The way it works now, I have to drag the mouse to stop first, then back up to the address list to double click. Time consuming and an additional (unnecessary) step. Call me lazy, but I'd like to just have a doubleclick launch the next trace.


P.S. That changed icon almost gave me a heart attack. I couldn't find my beloved PingPlotter for a few terrifying seconds.

#1118 - 03/30/04 01:05 AM Re: Usability Improvement
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You might try using the escape key, which will stop the current trace. Escape, double-click, Escape, double-click, etc.

At one point in the distant past, double-clicking the history list would change the target, too. It turned out that it was a bit *too* easy to trace a new target, and people (ie: me) were occasionally tracing to a new target and losing all the history on the existing target. You obviously thought about this since you advocated the "prompt for save" portion of this.

Give the "Escape, double-click" a whirl and let us know what you think. If that doesn't work for you, we'll see if we can figure out a good solution that is fast and easy, but not risky for data loss.

The icon change has been a bit freaky. Maybe we should have saved it for an April 1st switch!

- Pete



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