I adore this program. I unabashedly recommend PingPlotter to all my gamerserver clients. In fact, if they even attempt to submit a latency issue without a traceroute, I send them a response with a link to your site admonishing them to get the proper tools to diagnose the problem!!

I encourage my colocation clients to "become one with PingPlotter" knowing full well that your program is virtually a prerequisite for getting into the gameserver hosting arena.

All this evangelizing has a reason. Soon I hope to have the word traceroute (and tracert) simply replaced in the dictionary (and OSs) with PingPlotter. That's my ultimate goal.

Now on to the beta.

First off, the beta addresses most of the things I'd like to see added/changes. Kudos to you for that. The only comment I have is the implementation of the summary from Copy as Text is still a little dicey for the simple reason that the column headers don't in most cases line up with the actual data that's copied into the email, or Word Document, making the chart difficult to understand. Now on to my suggestions:

1) So everything lines up nice and neat, is there a way to make the Copy as Summary copy in a table format right out of the gate?

2) Can you include a configuration screen under Advanced Options for Copy as Summary so we can select what we would like to ex/include in the Copy as Summary output?

3) To get around the copy as text issue in the last version (way too much data for long traces), I'd generally just open a new instance of PingPlotter, change the # of times to trace to 1, then copy as text the result into an email. Howabout just adding a copy option to the menu to just copy the last full single trace set (not the summary, not the whole data set, just the last complete trace)?

Thanks again for the great work.