Hello guys!

i have problem with my ping (jitter, ping spikes every second) for at least 4 years now. at the beginning it only occurred in the evening (always right at 8pm). was clear to me that its a issue of the provider with overload. but ofc they denying that lol.

and now since a year or so this is happening to any giving time. its so random. it can be normal for two weeks in a row and then really bad for only a day or so. it so weird.

today i have a constant high ping for some reason aswell. but that doesnt matter, that will go done again (provider said they have problems today) but the jitter is the same for years now.
from time to time i also have problem with packet lost and stream buffering, but for the most part its the problem with the ping jitter.

what can i do? how should i speak to my provider about this? or is the problem on my side (pinged my router but it looks fine)? i will provide some screenshots for you. the huge at hop 1, does it mean something?

also sorry for my bad english, im still learning. thanks for helping me guys.

vodafone 1.png (48 downloads)
vodafone 2.png (41 downloads)
vodafone 3.png (27 downloads)
router.png (28 downloads)

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