Network Troubleshooting Articles

Common Network Problems

Match your PingPlotter results to this list of frequently encountered network problems, and get tips on how to solve the issue.

Are you your Network's Worst Enemy?

How to identify hidden sources of bandwidth saturation and speed up your network.

About PingPlotter Sharing

Everything you need to know about sharing network performance information with PingPlotter.

How the 6 Elements of Persuasion Help You Get Better Internet Tech Support

Get better results if you're working on convincing a service provider a problem exists on their end.

Continuous Ping Testing

Monitor constantly and capture evidence of network problems as they occur.

Why Might One Computer use more Bandwidth than Another?

Investigate these settings if you find one computer hogging all the bandwidth.

Troubleshooting Beyond the Router Reboot

If one reboot doesn't fix a connection problem, another one probably won't help. Try these three tests instead.

Mobile Troubleshooting Tips

Some ideas about how to troubleshoot more effectively by adding mobile

Diagnosing Bandwidth Saturation

Avoid pushing networks beyond their limits by identifying when overuse occurs.

What to do Instead of Speed Test

Sharing speed test results with test support won't fix your internet. Here's a better alternative.

Digitell Case Study

Why Digitell traded their text based network diagnostic tool for PingPlotter and how visual monitoring improved quality of their live broadcasts.

Beat Game Lag

How to get better results when troubleshooting online game problems.

Does the Internet Care Where You Live or Work?

How perspective effects the results of network performance tests.

PMT Founder on PingPlotter 5

Thoughts from Pete on PingPlotter's new version.

Normal Packet Loss and Latency?

Learn about what to look for when interpreting network performance metrics?

Find the IP Address of Any IoT Device

IP Addresses of new internet connected devices aren't always obvious, but MultiPing can help you find them.

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